Welcome. I'm Ryan.
Here, you can browse some of my work as a designer and scholar. Make yourself at home. To go straight to the details, click about.

I consider myself a document designer. My working paradigm is that documents—whether paper, motion graphic, or html—are social inscriptions and they testify to the immaterial and imaginary.


Motion  | Book Oblivion

Book Oblivion is digital learning platform that focuses on providing access to difficult theoretical texts, poetry, and literature outside the academy. Forthcoming

brand  | slot llc

Slot is a startup  which inverts the traditional scheduling approach. Instead of finding available agencies online and  finding a time, Slot starts by asking what your window, or "slot," is?

motion | Woodruff coffee

Woodruff coffee is another startup which aims to provide comfort, conversation, and connectivity through mobile coffee. They are simply rustic.

BRand | Sweet Pea Maids

Sweet Pea maids is a  service in Philadelphia which connects professional cleaners with families or companies in need.

Identity | Fr. Doug Floyd

Fr. Doug is a priest in Maryville, Tennessee. His friends and family celebrate his jovial nature and his iconic beard.

Website | David A. Garner

David Garner is a publishing level editor and web developer based in Chicago, Illinois. His work is defined by a need to mark and distinguish items.

brand | two cities church

Two Cities Church is a rebranding project for a church in Maryville, Tennessee. The church aims to service not only two geographical areas but wants to hover on the line of the city of the world and the city of God.

graphic marks | KFS

Knoxville Forest School aims to train children in the rhythms of nature. They hold classes in an urban wilderness nestled just beside downtown .

mark | change life media

Change Life Media is an Instagram engineering service. That is, it focuses on transforming a client's business into a socially influential presence.

I am currently a PhD student at Clemson University where  my ideas continue to take  form . The focus of my research is to consider how common creativity can be, or is, resurrected on digital surfaces. For more of my thoughts, contact me, check out Medium, or download my CV below.

Print Work

Multimedia Work

In sum, the work you see here is inspired by the fact that I am Appalachian by birth, academic by nature, and artistic by design. My marriage of deep creativity (ideas) with accessible surfaces (design) are an homage to my arts and crafts heritage.

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