Service Appointments on Your Time

Design and Creative direction
Tools Used:
Affinity Suite, After Effects, Adobe XD

Slot sets out to arrange booking by time instead of service. In every booking application, the fundamental query is to find a business which meets the client's needs. This subordinates, or overlooks, the most important parameter for booking services: available slots. SLOT suggests that services should only appear in a search if that vendor has falls within the

The situation

Market research suggests that many citizens' income circumstances enable them to seek out both critical and cosmetic services. That is, they have the money to go to the salon or hire a lawncare professional. As a result, many booking applications have tried to meet this need by offering filtering tools for customers. Angie's list, Thumbtack, Houzz, Homeadvisor, and others give customers a way to filter potential vendors and allow customers to evaluate the quality of those providers through reviews and ratings.

The user

The aforementioned applications use location as their primary parameter. People can log on and find reputable vendors and services nearby. After establishing location conditions, the user can then evaluate the provider by other user reviews and even past work. Critically, this neglects the central condition for anyone seeking supplemental or critical services: namely, availability. Consumers who need a plumbing repair or a haircut begin with a specific temporal window in mind. If someone needs repairs of some sort, then their temporal restrictions are even more critical. The aforementioned applications  which already exist in the market only address time and availability after establishing location and service provider. This makes the user have to sift through a list of vendors and check each one for availability. This process countermands the convenience that the applications propose. An application which could eliminate this sifting would need to establish temporal parameters from the beginning.

The constraints

Users have variable time needs. An application which address services through time prior to location must have a way to coordinate those different circumstances. Vendors, who may or may not be available in that window, must also need to provide calendar visibility. The first option would be to solicit businesses and introduce a proprietary booking system that would then be visible to users as they visited the application. The better option would be to integrate with widely using calendrical system like Google's calendars or iCal. this integration would make algorithmic coordination much smoother.

The solution

Create an application with a simple interface that could be used directly or sold to  larger tech agencies which hold access to widespread calendar systems. The application's name should be memorable and simple. The brand should suggest time as the central feature of booking. With a design and legal company established, the application could then be developed in house or sold as a ready-made system.

The Design

The name SLOT indicates a selection or a booking decision. The O in slot provides a marking surface for the image of a clock. The clock hands are positioned as a check mark—or tick—which indicates the booking feature and intimates that feature as a temporal condition.

The application

The aesthetic aim is to simplify the interface while staying in brand. The opening menu should show the sequence of conditions (time–location–service). The brand colors operate as visual guides for interactions and behaviors. The orange represents clickable  decisions or interactions. 
The overall design is rectilinear which leaves the only circular feature as the clock itself. These shapes implicate the dual relation between space and time.


Much like the design, the interactions themselves should be rectilinear and only circular insofar as it relates to time. Here I have added an interactive prototype.

What I did In a nutshell:

  • Research
  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Motion Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • Print Deliverables
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