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Built for: SLOT LLC
Built with: Adobe XD, After Effects, Affinity Suite

SLOT is a startup booking application which schedules according to availability. Most booking apps start with the company reputation and then the customer is forced to find an available time. Slot reverses it. They wanted a mark that was scalable as an app but remained clean and suggestive at larger levels.

Most people have enough expendable income—but not enough time or skill— for services like hairstyling, lawncare, or home repair. Many booking applications target this market by offering  a filtered list of vendors. But Angie's List, Thumbtack, Houzz, Homeadvisor, and others overlook the central parameter for service booking: time.

The services noted above use location and industry as their primary search parameters. While a user may like a provider on their lists they will be forced to look elsewhere when that provider does not have available slots. Booking must begin by listing ONLY those vendors whose available slots match user needs.

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