As a designer and scholar, I always want to align knowing, doing, and making.

I like to theoretically engage craft. My design work has always been guided by making creative expression available to everyday people. My scholarly research, likewise, focuses on how the creativity of common people can come to life on digital surfaces. In all, my work is inspired by the fact that I am Appalachian by birth, academic by nature, and artistic by design.


Rhetoric & Design, PhD

2018- present
Clemson Univserity

Philosophy and Theology, GCert

2013- 2016
Nottingham University

Biblical Studies, MA

2004- 2007
Reformed Seminary

Rhetoric/Communication, BA

1999- 2002
Carson-Newman University

Instructor, Pellissippi State Community College

September 2015 ─ Present

As an instructor in philosophy, I focus less on abstraction and more on the affective and actionable dimensions of thought. I seek to enable under-resourced college students to develop the skills and critical insights needed for collegiate study by introducing design tools and rhetorical strategies.

Instructor, Christian Academy Knoxville

July 2013 ─ August 2015

I focused on grammatico-historical critical reading in order to provide philosophical scrutiny and rhetorical possibility to Biblical study. As a supplement, I developed digital tools to enable learning flexibility (e.g. podcasts, video lectures, web accessible archives.)

Instructor, Paideia Academy

March 2009 ─ 2013

As an instructor in rhetoric and persuasion, I introduced modern rhetorical critical tools and post-critical rhetorical theory to students. The aim was to stimulate purposeful thinking amongst, rather than against, digital tools. We engaged with key figures in philosophy of rhetoric ranging from Cicero to Cixous.

Software Skills


After Effects

Adobe XD

Affinity Designer

Affinity Publisher

Affinity Photo


What is rhetoric?


Rhetoric frequently means "persuasion." And, in some cases, it means political manipulation. In the academy it can mean anything from affectation to verbal influence. The "rhe,' of rhetoric, is an ancient Greek root which implies that language is like a binding. Rhetoric engages the flow of time and space by joining, binding, and constructing. For my purposes, it is that moment in the flow of life where we put our pencil down and make something. That line is a joint. In simplest terms, I take rhetoric to mean the art of drawing a line.


Why all the theoretical stuff?


Theory is not mere "head stuff." It is a way of seeing things. I have spent time thinking through ideas and insights in hopes of seeing new possibilities for design and constructions. This is useful for projects of any scale.


What else do you dabble in?


Everyone loves playing with their kids. I watch sports but mostly to bicker and complain about logical inconsistencies. I goof around on the guitar. I am a glutton for conversation. Critically, I only drink Tennessee whiskeys (bourbon = Kentucky...which means: no thanks).